• Replacement filters

    Replacement filters

    Triple R Nederland B.V. is not only specialist in the field of bypass depth filtration, but also a total supplier for all your other filters.

    As is the case with depth filtration systems, it is very important that your standard filters are also replaced within the advised period in order to guarantee the productivity of your machine and prevent idleness and revisions as much as possible.

    These standard filters are in general a costly investment, you need a certain type of brand and filter, an investment in stock of these filters when a minimum purchase is required by your supplier or perhaps even necessary because of the long(er) delivery time of the filter.
    With many of our clients where Triple R Nederland B.V. has delivered bypass depth filtration systems for the machinery, we also deliver all other and standard filters. By applying a high-quality replacement filter or an “equivalent” for your filter, you have an attractive price, the delivery in general only takes a few days and there are hardly any purchase obligations*.


    • Its price is attractive because of international arrangements with producers
    • Swift delivery within a few days*
    • No minimum purchase*
    • Almost any brand and type can be supplied as an "equivalent"
    • We can also offer the original at a competitive price
    • Equivalent quality or better than the original
    • It saves time, you do not have look for filters, we will do that for you
    • All your filters with one supplier
    • Also for retailers
    • Possibility to change filters at your location**