E series

The filter elements of Triple R are produced in Japan. A very accurate production process and strict inspections ensure that each filter element complies with the requirements. Because of their unique and patented composition, the filter elements of Triple R are the only ones that can counter (solid) particles, water AND the development of resin. E-Serie = 5 micron absoluut | ß5 = 539

+ Specifications E series filterelements

+ Specifications E series filterelements
Model E-30 E-50 E-100 E-100 SP E-300 E-300 E-300
Art. Nr. TR-20270 | EL03002 TR-20370 TR-20470 | EL10003 TR-20472 | EL10025 TR-20505 | EL30011 TR-20540 | EL30009 TR-20510
Color Blue print
Micron 5 micron absolute | ß5 = 539
Fluidtype Hydraulic oil max. 180 cSt, engine oil and fuels.
E-100 SP for use with refrigerants.
Dimensions Ø104 x H114 mm Ø143 x H114 mm Ø179 x H114 mm Ø179 x H114 mm Ø303 x H57 mm Ø303 x H80 mm Ø303 x H114 mm
For use with AL, BU, HP, SE and OSCA systems
Material Engineered cellulose

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