Ocean Team Total Purity Solutions

Ocean Team Group as

Ocean Team are specialists in efficient removal of all types of damaging particles and deposits in systems like turbines, boilers, compressors, heat exchangers, hydraulic- and lube oil systems.

Innovative and Customized Solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience and extended know-how, we are experts in developing innovative and customized solutions, which solve the unique challenge of the individual customer.

Areas of Business

  • Oil Care – flushing, filtration and oil analysis/ contamination monitoring program.
  • Chemical Cleaning – descaling and removal of organic and inorganic deposits.
  • Mechanical Services – e.g. ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure hydro jetting, hydrostatic pressure testing and hydraulic bolt tensioning services.
  • Customized purification systems – development, design and construction of equipment in accordance with your unique requirements.

TRIS is working together with Ocean Team to expand our service in the field of rental equipment and services. Whereas Ocean Team will be supported by us in their after sales in regards to bypass filtration products from Triple R.




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