Trainings & Workshops

Proper care of your oil means proper care of your machinery and equipment.

Therefore, Triple R Oil Cleaner | TRIS B.V. organizes specific interactive trainings and workshops for companies that want to learn more in regards to preventing oil related breakdowns, raising productivity and how to read analysis reports, taking proper action in regards to their outcome(s).

We have several types of trainings available for smaller groups consisting of 2-10 persons.

The full training consists of our complete program:

Understanding oil and filtration: what it does, and what it does not

The bypass filter effect: life extension of your oil and equipment

Reading oil analysis: Learn how to get the most out of an oil analysis and how to act accordingly

Either of the above programs can be given separately.

Trainings are given on request for smaller groups. Ideal for companies that want to expand their knowledge in regards to maintenance. Interested in one of our trainings? Contact us straight away and make an appointment. 




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