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Number of machines machines
Hours/years in operation hours/year
Machine costs/hour €/hour
Labour costs/hour €/hour
Current machine deployability % %

Downtime: machines x x % = hours

Idleness because of mechanical and electric failures (= 65% of Downtime): = hours
Idleness caused by hydraulic failures ( = 35% of Downtime): = hours
caused by contaminated fluids ( = 80% of hydraulic failures): = hours
Total of fluid-related downtime costs: x =
Total labour costs for repairs: x =

Your total expenses for maintenance costs at this moment:

Perfectly clean fluid avoids 80% of the fluid-related costs.
What remains is only 20% of your actual maintenance costs.

Remaining downtime hours:   -80%   = hours
Reduction of downtime costs:   -80%   =
Reduction of labour costs:   -80%   =

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